Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Mt Arrowsmith taken from the top of Little Mt

Close up of Mt Arrowsmith

This may be the ultimate off road RV---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
April 4, 2009
Thursday we went to Nanaimo and had a nice lunch at the Longwood Pub then did a bit of shopping. Aileen has been doing some research both online and at the drug store/health food store on improving her Rosacea. Last night I went to the gallery opening for the Brant Festival photography show. There weren’t many pictures to view! Fortunately there was some good art, both photos and paintings, to ogle in the main gallery.
Aileen and I had started a fire on Chas’ burn pile in the afternoon then we did some more on it in the late evening. We and Chas spent most of this morning on it as well. Filled the loader bucket many times and dumped that on. Aileen and I also played firebug and burned the dry grass along the fence.
My sister Susan and John came for supper at Chas and Sheila’s tonight. They just returned yesterday from New Zealand where John has been working for the past three months. Susan joined him three weeks ago. They seem to have had a great experience.
Apr 7
On Sunday we had to take the trailer to the sani dump as the tanks were full. That was the 13th day so not too bad. We are fortunate in that we are able to shower in the house so that saves fresh water and grey tank space. We visited Wendy and Randy as we were invited for supper. We got to see their motor home with the slides out and had another tour of it.
We visited Mom and Dad Monday morning and they seemed to be doing fine. We spent quite awhile loading some stuff we’re taking up to my aunt Jacquie in Tappen. Since we travel pretty well loaded up, it was a challenge but we did it.
This morning we and Sheila went to the annual care review meeting for Mom and Dad at Stanford Place. No real surprises but it was good to talk about their overall care and hear the staff’s ideas on ways to improve the parent’s quality of life. Mom was getting her hair done and had one of her fainting spells which freaked out the hair stylist as she thought it was a stroke. Mom had just had the rollers put in her hair when it happened so they got pulled out and Mom sent to her bed to recover, after the nurse checked her over. Mitzy and I visited with Dad who was sitting at a sunny window. He really enjoys sitting in the sun. Aileen went to the drugstore and health food store while I went for a big jug of water and gas for the truck. This afternoon Aileen and Sheila are going to an Alzheimer/dementia support group meeting in Parksville. Mitzy and I will find something to amuse us I’m sure.
Tomorrow morning we are heading to Victoria very early as we want to get set up in Oceanside RV Park near Sidney then back into Victoria by 11 AM. Friday afternoon or Saturday we will take the ferry to the mainland and spent the night in Hope then back to Salmon Arm the next day.

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  1. Lovely views of Mt. Arrowsmith. I never get tired of seeing it. You guys have a safe trip back up to the interior.