Monday, March 16, 2009


Sea Lion

Full moon at Rathtrevor Beach the other night
March 14
Aileen went to Qualicum Beach for a haircut this morning. Chas gave me a ride into Parksville where I went to the big art show. I spent a couple hours viewing and visiting then Chas came for a look through when he finished with his truck appointment. We had to break down and plug into power this afternoon as the solar panels weren’t keeping up and the weather is deteriorating. I spent some of the afternoon tidying up my digital photo presentation for tonight. Chas picked up takeout Thai food from his sister-in-law’s restaurant for supper – yummy! There were only 13 of us for the show but it seemed to go well.
Mar 15
There was a bit of sun to tease us early this morning but we’ve since had a few snow showers mixed with the rain and wind. Yucky!!! We visited Mom and Dad for awhile this afternoon. They were both smiling and happy when we went in. They were just finishing up tea and cookies which Dad told us “our servants had brought”.
Later we went to Deez Restaurant for supper with my sister Janet and John. Rain and snow most of the evening and slushy roads going back to the trailer.
Mar 16
About an inch of crusty snow on the ground greeted us this morning. We took Mitzy to the vet this morning. They did blood tests which all came back fine. He has suggested we give Mitzy preventative medicine whenever we travel south as ticks and other critters harmful to dogs are more prevalent down there. Mitzy sensed we were at a vet’s office (or she smelled it) and decided she wasn’t going to get out of the truck. She had her nose out of joint the rest of the day.
We went to Nanaimo this afternoon for a few things but it turned out to be more of a drive instead. Tonight I went with Chas to watch bowling and visit with family and old friends. Aileen went to Toastmasters with Sheila. We will probably be heading down Island again on Wednesday or Thursday for a few days. Its time for another visit with R,R &Georgia before our time on the Island runs out. We must make our way back to Salmon Arm in early April to sort through our pile of mail and get the income taxes in order. Aileen will have to visit the dentist pretty soon to get repairs started on her broken tooth. That will likely require several visits. And we also need to get to the bottom of the solar power problems.

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  1. Yes, your mail is fairly bursting out of its little blue box here (and the envelopes and crap are filling up the big blue box, too!) so it must almost be time.

    How cool that you're getting to visit with old friends!

    Poor Mitz. Tell her Jessie went to the bad place today, too, and she had to stay for 8 whole hours! She sympathizes.

    Bright sun and -1 here at the moment, Meira is blinking away with her chin in its usual spot on the windowsill, buttocks resting on pillows. Every few minutes she closes her eyes and sighs. Obviously she misses the sunshine, too.