Thursday, March 5, 2009


March 3, 2009
Aileen was awake from shortly after 3 AM not wanting to be late for the ferry. I managed to keep dozing past 5:30. We were on the road about 6:45 and were near the front of the lineup. Only about 3 dozen vehicles on board so no problem with crowding. But then we had a 1 ½ hour wait for departure. The old tub did quite a bit of rocking and rolling when we altered course to pass a slow freighter part way across, as we were paralleling the wave troughs. After a short pleasant visit with the Customs lady, we drove straight out to Goldstream Park where we are the only RV in the 12 open campsites. There are two regular passenger vans that have single guys sleeping in them.
We went for lunch out for a change then picked up Richard after his classes at UVIC. We dropped him at Georgia’s school for a parent – teacher meeting then came back later to pick up Georgia who we took home. Aileen visited with her while I went to the Mall for a card for Robin’s birthday tomorrow. After R&R returned home we all went to the University Club for a nice supper. We were in bed shortly after 8 PM – been a long day.
Mar 4,
We were planning on an early departure but then a little dog came along to play with Mitzy and after that it was discovered we had a soft tire on the trailer. That meant driving back toward Victoria to the first gas station to add some air. After an uneventful drive up Island, we pulled into an industrial area in Parksville and found an empty lot to park in to have lunch. No rain and even some sun which made for a better trip. Next was a visit to a tire shop as the tire had lost quite a bit of air. The culprit turned out to be a 1½ inch screw that went in right beside the tread.
We are in Riverbend RV Park for tonight. Aileen did some laundry while I went for some groceries. We visited my parents at the lodge for a little while then went to Wendy and Randy’s for supper. Aileen took her dress clothes there to iron for the service on Saturday. I briefly spoke to my sister Becky at the car wash but I guess we won’t see any of the rest of the family until we return down Island. We head up to Campbell River tomorrow and may be without internet for a few days.

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  1. Sorry its so chilly - we had a nice few days in there so I was optimistic it would be alright for you.

    Enjoy your time on the Island, give my love to Bill & Tony.