Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Mostly taken on our local walks except for the bears.  I went out to service a couple of geocaches last evening and we spotted a bear with three tiny cubs while on the way home.  They didn't wait around for me to get my camera ready but I did manage a couple fleeting images. 

Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron.

I took this out the bedroom window of a California Quail on the neighbour's shed roof.

I was impressed with the colours in the grass beside the 
Salsify flower.

Jealous goose chasing away another suitor.

Turkey Vultures.

Male Wood Duck.

Male Wood Duck.

Western Wood-Peewee.

Western Wood-Peewee.

Flies were nasty on my walk last night.

Male Common Merganser.

Little guy zipped up the tree and came down just as fast.

Coming Mom!


  1. Cute lil cubs! I've been appreciating the hummingbirds lately. - Richard