Sunday, December 10, 2023


 At least we'll try to post them.  We've had poor cell coverage the past several days and I've tried several times to post this without success.  The photos were taken near Portal and Paradise, Arizona over the course of a couple days.

We spent three nights dry camping at Whitewater Draw then two nights in an RV park in St. David, AZ and tonight we are dry camping on 96 Ranch Road about 25 kms south of Caliente in Florence, AZ.  We had tried to park in a piece of State Trust land near Florence but just as we went to set up some guys came in and set up target shooting.  Hoping to hang around the Florence area for two or three weeks.

They call this hill Skull Mountain.  Those holes are probably 40 feet or more high.

This was the view from out RV spot looking at the Chiricahua Mountains.

At a museum down the road.

Beautiful spot for the Portal PO.

A Portal backstreet.

Some miscellaneous views in from Portal.

Two types of Agave.  The one on the left is Agave americana, often called Century Plant.  They bloom and fruit only once then die.  Their life span is between ten years in warm climates to up to thirty five in cooler climes.

Cholla with fruit.

An old adobe in Paradise, AZ.

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