Saturday, September 16, 2023



We caught the 10:45 ferry from Nanaimo on Thursday.  We stopped just as we cleared the causeway and had a leisurely lunch.  There was no traffic when we pulled back onto the road which was nice.  Of course that didn’t last long once we got a little further into the urban area.

We stopped for the night at Coldspring Campground in Manning Park and managed to find a nice quiet site well removed from the highway noise.  A bonus was the 1.8 km nature trail that crossed the river and went down to the Lightning Lakes access road where we could cross and come up the other side.

We arrived home around 2 pm yesterday and it has been pretty busy since.  The laundry has been very busy.  The air is fairly clear but there are still several fires not far away that are putting out lots of smoke.  So far it is going in different directions than here.  We really need some rain but none is in the ten day forecast.

Today’s photos are from our stay at Alder Bay Campground and RV Park south of Port McNeill.  All but the first one were taken with my phone.

Alder Bay Marina with Alert Bay in the distance.

The view from our site.

Looking back to the campground from the wharf.

Morning along the beach.

Morning along the beach.

Sunrise from our doorway.

Morning along the beach.

Old Man's Beard moss.

Looking down in the evening.

A bit of sunset.

Evening light looking southeast.

Evening light looking southeast.

Foggy our last morning.

Foggy our last morning.

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  1. Glad you are safely away from the Wildfires.

    It's about time.