Saturday, April 9, 2022


 I returned home last Friday and have a few more images from the trip I would like to share with you.  

Somewhere in northern Oregon I spotted these yellow flowers that I thought were violets.  When I stopped and looked closer they were something else, but still impressive.

Wandering around across the road from the yellow flowers, I stumbled on a couple of these beautiful specimens which are, I believe, a type of flowering grass.

And a little further up the road were acres of these low growing pink flowers.

After crossing I-90 in Washington and heading up Hwy 97, I spotted these elk.

These Mountain Phlox were in a high pass just north of Susanville, California.

This was the passenger seat in the car with my day to day essentials

And this was the view of the back of the car with what I was bringing back from Arizona

I stopped to stretch my legs and enjoy having the delightful little town of Shaniko, Oregon all to myself on a sunny morning.  There was a nasty cold wind blowing off the snowy mountains to the west so I didn't hang around for long.

On the hotel porch

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