Tuesday, April 19, 2022



We have sold our property in Arizona. The sale closed yesterday.  What will this mean for us in the future?  We don’t know.  It was so nice to have the continuity of having a place to park for months at a time and enjoy all that we did there.  However, with all the uncertainty that Covid has caused, we made the decision to sell both the Polaris General ATV and the property since we hadn’t been able to use them for two years in a row.  I found it very frustrating dealing with things from a distance so this will remove a major headache for me.

We will certainly miss all the good friends we made over the years and the fun times we enjoyed.  Going forward, if we are able to resume travelling south, we hope to be able to visit the area and reconnect with friends.  We will probably do more exploring throughout the whole southwest.  Owning the property and spending so much time there reduced our ability to go further afield because it was just too comfortable to remain parked.

Another view up the creek from our deck

An Osprey with nesting material

A distant shot of the nest.  Not only is it across the river and up top of the high bank, it is at the top of a tall fir tree.

A tiny bird, the Red-breasted Nuthatch.

We watched this beaver at the dam this morning.

I was watching birds across the river when Aileen pointed this beaver out right in front of us.

I think this is a Tree Swallow.  There are lots of them right now but they are so fast moving that I had difficulty capturing one.

These Goldeneye ducks enjoy riding down the dam spillway.

A Mallard pair

The rest of the images are Goldeneyes in flight.  Very pretty birds.

Synchronized flight.

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