Wednesday, April 20, 2022


We took the RZR out twice recently.  The first trip we went somewhere quiet since it was a long weekend but we didn't get far.  The first sideroad we tried ended less than two kms in with a massive windfall that stretched 300 feet or more.  The second sideroad had too much snow.  We had chewed our way up but when we topped the hill and were looking at a downgrade, I quickly turned around.  Didn't want to get down there and not get back up.  The main road had some really icy areas covered with a dusting of snow so I had to be very careful coming back down the steep sections.  So, we managed just 11.2 kms that ride.

Today we went to a lower area and we had a great ride.  We still only put on 18.7 kms though.  We found a new trail, had lunch by a nice lake and did a bit of hiking around so a good time.  We were only away from the car about three hours.

When we got home, we parked the RZR and brought the motorhome up to the house.  Later this afternoon we started packing stuff out to the motorhome getting it prepared for travel.  We plan to leave Friday to go over to Vancouver Island for a few weeks.

The windfall on our first side road

Heading back after clawing our way up this hill on the second side road

Today's glorious morning

Looking up to a steep hill

At the top looking down it doesn't appear nearly as steep

Ruffed Grouse that didn't want to let us past

Ruffed Grouse

Today's lunch spot at Madden Lake

Trumpet Lungwort and Buttercup

Trumpet Lungwort

Ballhead Waterleaf

Ballhead Waterleaf

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