Saturday, October 12, 2019


We've had a busy couple of days.  Since Aileen wasn't getting better, I made an appointment with our doctor in Salmon Arm Wednesday afternoon.  Since we had planned on driving up to there to have supper with Bev and Kev on Thursday, we just went a day early.  After having a chest x-ray Thursday morning, it was confirmed that she has pneumonia.
We enjoyed an early Thanksgiving supper with Bev & Kev plus friends Randy,  Casey and Mona & Jerry.  Bev prepared a fabulous meal for all of us all on her own.  Since Bev was flying back north today, we stayed over another night and dropped her at the Kelowna airport at 9 am this morning on our way back to Penticton.
It took a long while to  warm up the motor home after sitting here for several days with no heat.  We both thought it was nice to be home again.  One gets spoiled traveling with their own bed all the time and it takes some getting used to being in someone else's space.
My back is taking its time getting better.  Between it and Aileen's issue, we don't have a set date for heading south yet, but it won't be as early as planned.  We'll just see how things go the next few days, I guess.

Aileen and I went to The Cellar in Penticton for our 52nd anniversary.  Our waitress took the photo with my new phone.

When I was geocaching along the KVR trail the other day, I climbed up above here for a cache.  I had left my camera down with my bike so I used my new iPhone to take these two images.

This male red-shafted Flicker was working on that walnut and I shot the photo through the motor home windshield with my Canon SX60

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  1. Speedy recovery Aileen and hopefully a painless back for John. Just enjoy the nice fall colors at this time of year and relax.