Saturday, October 19, 2019


Yes, some of my purist photographer friends may frown on it, but I have decided to embrace the new iPhone 11 I just bought and see what I can come up with photographically.  So far, I am beyond impressed as far as scenics go.    When it comes to using telephoto, not at all.  My back is allowing me to get out and walk again so yesterday and this morning I walked up to and along the Penticton Creek trail to enjoy the fall colour.  Aileen is getting out walking a bit as well so guess things are improving for both of us.

One of several visitors around the motor home here in town

California Quail

Southwest of Penticton, where we went for a short drive the other day.

Red tree reflection in Penticton Creek

Another red tree reflecting

Clark's Nutcracker

Black-billed Magpie

The above photos were taken with my Canon SX60

The photos below are from my iPhone 11 and are all along Penticton Creek

That's me in there

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  1. Love your pictures, and I know my I phone takes great ones as well, Still prefer my point and shoot , more convenient for me to take quick pictures with one hand.
    Glad you back is feeling better, nothing too much worse than back problem to slow you down.