Wednesday, October 23, 2019


We pulled out of Karen's yard in Penticton this morning and started our trek south to the valley of the sun.  Today was a short drive as we needed to fill up with propane before hooking the car on.  We had intended dumping the tanks but Canadian Tire had closed the dump already for the winter.  So, the contents got well shaken up and we dumped at the RV Park this afternoon.
We are in Omak, WA at the the stampede grounds campsite.  Nice and quiet but not far off the highway.  We unhooked the car and went up to Safeway to stock up on all those things we weren't allowed to bring across the border, mainly meat and veggies.
Tomorrow should be a bigger day as we hope to get to Pendleton, OR.  Beautiful sunny day today and we hope it continues.  When I checked forecasts along our route a couple of days ago, there was a major weather change happening throughout the west over the weekend.  Some places it was a substantial temperature drop and others it was combined with precipitation which in those locals would translate to snow.  We will be monitoring that as we go.

These photos were taken with my phone yesterday when I walked to Canadian Tire for a couple of things.  I had noticed the nice colour when driving by another day, but it is in a construction zone so no stopping permitted.

This old school is a well known landmark in Penticton, just a couple of blocks from Karen's.

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  1. Fall is such a beautifully, colorful time of the year. Beautiful pictures.
    Safe Travels.