Tuesday, December 11, 2018


We’re in a windy spell currently with the wind gusting up to 25 mph but the wind has kept the overnight temperatures up.  It was 57F this morning at 6 am.  We’ve had some nice sunrises and sunsets with the mixed cloudy and sunny weather this year.  I’ve been leading the club ATV rides Monday’s and Thursday’s.  When the other leader arrives for the winter, I will probably drop one of the days.
We had a busy day last Friday.  We went with friends Richard and Judy on a Costco run but as we got to Apache Junction, Richard suggested we take a drive out Hwy 88, the Apache Trail, to Tortillo Flats.  Well, we’re in!  We made it into a photo excursion, stopping lots and poking about.  We got back to Mesa for a late lunch then did Costco.  As soon as we were done unpacking at home, I grabbed my Canon SX60 camera and walked out into the desert far enough to find some saguaro cactus for subject matter as I thought there might be a sunset.  And there was!
I walked home in the growing darkness then we had a quick supper.  I grabbed my Canon 6D which works better for shooting in low light and we drove into Florence to catch the annual light up parade.  For a little town, they put on an impressive event.  By the time we got home, I was too tired to do more than just have a quick look through my photos.
On Saturday, we went to the far side of Phoenix to an event of a group Aileen belongs to and that used up most of the day.  It was about 300 kms (187 miles) round trip.  I spent my evening editing Friday photos.  On Sunday, I went geocaching down the highway south of town.  I met up with a young guy, still in college, and we cached together until he headed home.  We met a geocaching couple at one cache and had a good chat.  Later, we met the cache owners of the set we were working on.  They were out doing maintenance on their geocaches.
Warning Bev, there is a spider in this series

Sunburst in the morning behind Caliente

While leading the ATV group I happened on these 
Queen butterflies.  They are related to the Monarch but are much smaller and non migratory.

The Queen butterflies were feasting on this Desert Lavender bush


A couple of us ventured into a mine tunnel but we didn't go beyond this

Wild honeybees 

Jammed in tight

Harris' Hawk along the Apache Trail

Along the Apache Trail near Tortillo Flats

Along the Apache Trail near Tortillo Flats

Along the Apache Trail past Tortillo Flats

Mexican Thistle


Moth or butterfly.  It took a while to recognize this was actually a living creature.  It looked like a dead leaf or nothing.

Friday sunset behind Caliente was a bit on the wild side

Driving on AZ60 near Mesa, AZ Saturday morning.  Fog isn't what you think of in the desert.  It was a nice sunny day once it lifted.

I think this is some type of mallow.  I spotted it while geocaching.

First stop yesterday

Dromedary Peak with Superstition Mtn behind on yesterday's ride 

Left over from mining days at Reymert Mine, our destination yesterday

Up the creek at Reymert

Neat patterns in the rock and cactus up the creek at Reymert

Overview of the remains of Reymert

These girls doing a Mexican dance were great entertainment before the parade

It is amazing how many people come out for the parade

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