Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Time is just whizzing by, here it is December already.  I've been leading the club ATV rides Mondays and Thursdays and going out another day with Aileen and friends Richard and Judy giving me lots of photo opportunity.  On Saturday, we took Richard and Judy in our car and made a road trip out past the 96 Ranch onto Barkerville Rd then Freeman Rd ending up in Dudleyville in the next main valley east of Florence.  We hardly saw anyone else and enjoyed some great scenery.
Aileen had a spill the other day and bruised herself up and sprained her left wrist.  She is on the mend.  Our weather is much cooler than it has been but we can put up with it as it is still much nicer than up north.   We had about .19 of an inch of rain the other day and we could be getting up to an inch Thursday and Friday this week if the forecast is to be believed.  We have put Christmas lights up on both lots so it is a little cheerier when outside in the evenings.  Our renters arrive tomorrow so we will lose access to the park model.
I have a new printer and it is working out very well.  The Epson we bought a couple years ago is an all in one and while it does well on most things, it just couldn't make the grade with my photos.  This new Canon Pro100 is awesome giving us prints that match what is on my computer screen.

I got up early one morning and headed out into the desert behind the park to try for sunrise photos

Box Canyon

Going through the pass on the Martinez Mine Rd, east of Florence, AZ

Martinez Rd corrals

Overview of the Martinez Rd corrals

Red-tailed Hawk hanging on in the wind

Fairy Dusters are blooming in the desert now

A pretty bouquet in the desert

Did you think it was a large plant?

A little Hedgehog Cactus with one fruit

White-stem Paperflower

Trailing Four-o'clock

Forget the partridge in a pear tree, I got a Red-tailed Hawk in a Mesquite tree

Found some neat rocks southeast of  Florence

Staghorn Cholla Cactus with some fruits

More neat rocks

Nature's garden

Our friend Richard J

Staghorn Cholla bloom out in the hills December 3

We lucked out December 3 with the Bighorn Sheep in Box Canyon

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