Thursday, December 20, 2018


Time is marching on and this year is about finished.    Time is just flying by, maybe because we are having so much fun?  It has been ten years that we have been coming to Caliente already.  We have made many friends over the years but as happens, many have moved on, one way or another, but new friends keep coming along.  I will be heading out shortly with the ATV group to explore some of our neat section of the Arizona desert.  We will probably curtail our riding next week as the desert explodes with crazy wild riders from the city over the holidays. 

American Kestrel, one of the smallest hawks

Red-Tailed Hawk

Desert Marigold

Climbing Milkweed

Sacred Datura fruit.  The entire plant is toxic.  It has a large white flower in season.

Harris' Hawk taking a bow

Harris' Hawk regal pose

Red-Tailed Hawk a long distance away

A couple from when the Red-Tailed Hawk flew over me

Someone was spreading Christmas cheer out in a wash in the desert where we ride

Another Harris' Hawk on our Monday ride

Above and below Ocotillo blooms

Pink-edged Sulpher butterfly.  I took a short stroll at lunch time on our Monday ride and spotted this guy.  He was in the sun with a shadowed bank behind creating perfect lighting.

I took this photo of some of our ATV club members at our potluck this past Monday.  Several had already snuck out as we had over 90 sitting down for supper.

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