Thursday, October 26, 2017


On our last day in Beatty, Nevada, I took the Titus Canyon Road into Death Valley National Park.  It is a 27 mile long one way gravel road.  I saw a total of eight vehicles during my trip.  The sign at the beginning said to allow three hours.  I took five and I could have taken much longer.  It was a fascinating journey and I would repeat it again if we ever venture that way another time.
We moved on from Beatty to Seligman, AZ which was our most expensive campground and the absolute worst for internet.  We are now in Payson, AZ at about 5,000 feet elevation.  We are spending at least five nights here as Aileen is happy with the temperature which is considerably less than is current in Florence.  Phoenix set another record yesterday at 99F so Florence would be pretty close to the same.  We hope to get to Caliente early next week.  It is only 109 miles from here.

On my way out of Beatty in the morning, I spotted two Moms and babies and the male

A few miles along the Titus Canyon road looking back toward Beatty

Looking ahead at my first high point

Looking toward the big hill that I went up to enter a high pass on the right

And looking back from that pass.  If you look closely, you can see several sections of the road I traveled.

Again looking back from the pass

Closer view with two Subaru Outbacks crawling along

Looking ahead from the pass

Along the route

The mighty back roads CRV

Approaching Leadville a very short lived enterprise that was mostly a swindle by a stock promoter.  Funny how some things don't change?

That would be me

Starting to approach the actual canyon

And in we go

The canyon section was at least a couple of miles I'm guessing.  I didn't think to check as I was going through.

After supper, I took Aileen out to see if we could spot the burros.  It turned out they were all five on their way in to town for a drink at a water tub someone had installed outside their fence.

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