Monday, October 23, 2017


We are spending three nights in Beatty.  We might have spent longer but the campgrounds are totally booked starting tomorrow for the annual Beatty Days.   I spent a fairly long day in Death Valley yesterday mostly around the Furnace Creek area.  I was quite pleased with the light as I was concerned there would be too much smoke but luckily that wasn't the case. 
I made another visit to Death Valley National Park today but that will have to wait for another post.  Tomorrow we will be moving down the road somewhere.  Probably through Las Vegas then eastward.  It was 30C here today but at least 36C in Death Valley.  We will be looking for slightly cooler temperatures for the next few days and will be monitoring the temperatures down in Florence to see when it is comfortable to go there.

On the way into Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley

Old Harmony Borax facility near Furnace Creek

20 Mule Team Wagons

Above and below are of Zabriskie Point

The next five are in Twenty Mule Team Canyon, a great one way drive.  Well worth the stop. 

The CRV is parked way down there.  I got up here and looked and took lots of  photos and nobody else invaded my space.  A couple of vehicles drove by but they weren't stopping.

These two are up at Dantes Viewpoint elevation 5475' looking down on Badwater Basin elevation minus 282'

These two are along the highway at the 20 Mule Team Canyon turnoff

Yep, she's dry!

The next four are along Artists Palette Drive 

The Artists Palette

Anyone else see the fish head?

North of Furnace Creek on my way home

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