Thursday, July 27, 2017


We have finished our stint of house sitting at my cousin Neil's and moved back up to my brother Charlie's in Errington.  We enjoyed our two and a half weeks or so there.  Aileen enjoyed the down time and I did quite a bit of geocaching.  I put lots of miles on my bicycle mostly on old railroad grades that have been converted to multi use trails.
I was quite impressed with all the wildlife we saw in the yard at Neil and Carol's.  In addition to the hummingbird pictured below, there were turkey vultures circling overhead often, bald eagles daily, California Quail, rabbits, deer and several different types of bees on the flowers.
Last Saturday, we attended the celebration of life for one of my younger cousins who passed at 55 after a lifetime of health issues.  Rod was a pretty popular guy in his home town of Chemainus so there was a large gathering in his honour.  Quite a few of we cousins were also there.
While we were in Duncan, we made several trips to Victoria to see Richard and family.   One Sunday, we also drove up to Nanoose Bay to attend the annual celiac barbeque.  What a spread the lady puts on and every thing there is gluten free, including beer and wine.  Good thing it is only once a year. Lots of gluten free options are shared among the attendees such as safe restaurants and good recipes.
Our current plan is to stay here another week or so then move up to Bill's in Campbell River for the weekend of August 5-7 then head up to the north Island until early September.  On Labour Day, September 4, we will arrive at Seal Bay RV Park for our Escapees RV Club Chapter rally which will run all week.  Not sure what will be happening after that other than getting organized for our 50th anniversary party on October 7.  We are including a Pickard family reunion as part of the affair so have been reaching out to the extended family.

Hummingbird at Neil & Carol's

Shot with my Canon SX50, still pleased with what I'm able to get with it

While we were house sitting at Neil & Carol's, I polished the motor home.  These are some of Carol's flowers reflected in the black paint on the motor home.  A Monet effect?

While geocaching yesterday I enjoyed these beautiful Arbutus trees.

The peeling bark is a usual occurrence 

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