Sunday, July 2, 2017


I was out geocaching for a few days either on foot or on my bike.  Then I did a dumb thing and tried to pick up a heavy water jug too far from my body and I have been suffering with a sore back since.  It seems to be finally relenting so I hope to be back to playing again soon.
Tomorrow we are moving down to Duncan where we will be house sitting for my cousin Neil and Carol for a couple weeks.  We will be parked in their yard keeping an eye on things.  I hope to get out geocaching down there and it is also an hour and a quarter closer to visit Richard, Robin and Georgia.
We had gone down to Victoria from Errington on Thursday to attend the school year closing party for Georgia's class.  The lady who hosts the party puts on an incredible gluten free spread.

A peaceful evening at Qualicum Beach

An artist left this work on the beach at Storries Beach, south of Campbell River

On the trunk of an Arbutus with the beautiful inner bark showing through, found while geocaching

While out geocaching the other day, I was brought to this odd looking Douglas Fir tree.  It was a maze of branches.  Below is the distant view.

Canada Geese at Qualicum Beach

While doing laundry the other day, I happened to spot a couple of these guys flitting about so ran for my camera.  I only managed one keeper shot.

I spotted this Honeysuckle guarding a geocache one day

A local rat rod

Note the use of an old cross cut saw for a sun visor.  You wouldn't want to be tossed into that!

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