Friday, July 14, 2017


Once again a bit of a gap between posts.  Initially, I had a sore back so didn't do too much of interest.  As the back improved, I got out geocaching and I think that helped it get better faster.  In the past week, in four outings, I have put on 88 kms on my bike and on foot gathering a total of 112 geocaches.  Certainly one way to get some exercise!
Aileen has been looking after ensuring the plants are all watered here where we are looking after things while my cousin and his wife are on vacation.  She continues to work on transcribing my Mom's diary into the computer.  I edit and print her copy but have to admit I am several years behind her.   She also gave me a haircut this morning.  It seems the less hair I have, the more important a haircut becomes.
We have been to Victoria three times since being here in Duncan.  Richard and Robin have bought a house in North Saanich so we got to see it the other day after Georgia's birthday party.
I have also been busy scanning old negs that I brought from storage.  That is a very slow process and is made more difficult by the fact of not having the correct set up for the old off sized negs.   I haven't even gotten into editing and cleaning them up yet.

While sitting outside reading the other day, I was intrigued by the expressive clouds drifting by.

One evening we went for a drive.  As we were heading out Genoa Bay Rd, I spotted this peek a boo view down to Maple Bay.

Returning from Victoria on one of our trips, we managed to get a view over the Saanich Peninsula with Mt Baker in Washington State slightly visible.  The Canadian Gulf Islands are first then the American San Juan Islands lead in to Mt Baker.

On my first geocaching expedition, I spotted this interesting mushroom.  Unfortunately, after much searching, I didn't find the cache hidden nearby.

Georgia had some friends over to help celebrate her 15th birthday with a pool party at her aunt's place.  That's Richard and Aileen on the left.

On my second geocaching trip, I rode both ways over the historic Kinsol Trestle.  It is the tallest wooden trestle standing in North America and was recently rebuilt and is highly popular as a tourist attraction.

A historic photo taken in 1958

Another old photo taken in 1956

In the Shawnigan Lake area where my last three caching trips took place, the Foxgloves are blooming in abundance.

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