Sunday, April 30, 2017


Funny thing but we are still keeping very busy!  I take my camera along each time I walk Mitzy and I keep finding more things to photograph.  With the spring being so late here on Vancouver Island as well, we are seeing flowers that are usually finished before we arrive.
We've been enjoying our visit with Neil and Carol and I have a few old photos from their collection to scan for mine.  I came up with some more old family photos yesterday as well.
It was my Aunt Isabelles's funeral up at Courtenay yesterday.  Richard and Georgia came up and went to the funeral with us then stayed overnight in the motor home.  There was a good gathering of my cousins although less than I had expected.  Isabelle was a special lady and was very popular with all the extended family.  It was gratifying to have representation from descendants of all seven of her siblings attending.
John and Sue, my sister, told me yesterday about large displays of Shooting Stars out in the Yellow Point area so today we drove out for a look.  There were still lots of Fawn Lilies in spots as well.  We've been getting lots of rain over here as well but today had a sunny morning and a few spits this afternoon.
We will probably spend a few more days here then move up Island a little further.

Mustard in a field at Westhome, BC

Small-flowered Penstemon at Chemainus River estuary

A closeup of the above Penstemons

White Fawn Lily


Ornamental trees across from where we are parked at Duncan


Getting in closer

Shooting Stars at Yellow Point

White Fawn Lilies

Fairy Slipper - calypso bulbosa

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