Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We are again parked at Kevin's sister's property out in the country west of Salmon Arm and we are enjoying the peace and quiet.  We arrived here Monday the 3rd and it has rained part of every day since although we have had some sun today.  Aileen had a cold for most of our drive north and I came down with one after we got here.  We are both mostly better now.  As you can see from the last two photos, the driveway is a bit of a challenge.
We took the motor home out yesterday and down to Kelowna to have the main propane valve replaced as it was sticking and not wanting to allow fuel out.  Not a good thing, especially when it happened when we were parked out in the desert in February.
We are working our way through our lists of things to do while we are here.  It is different not being able to visit with our daughter as she is working up in Fort MacMurray, Alberta currently.  I went to camera club last night and got to meet some of my old friends from those days.  For many years I was very active in the club and when I quit to begin this lifestyle, I was the longest continuously serving member.

Interestingly sculpted rocks in Naramata Creek Canyon where I went for a walk one day while we were still down in Penticton.

This young teen inched her way across the creek .  It was interesting watching her maneuver over some branch stubs.  Not for the faint of heart! 

Naramata Creek  Falls

The old paddlewheeler Sicamous on the beach at Penticton

Black-billed Magpie taken through the motor home windshield.  These guys are really spooky if I'm outside, they have a long comfort zone distance.

Red-naped Sapsuckers, I think both are males.

The mudhole in the driveway to where we are parked.  Taken the motor home through it three times now.  It was full of water the first day so I took a shovel out and drained it as best I could.

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