Sunday, October 2, 2016


Well, almost a week already since arriving here in the Shuswap.  Aileen has managed to visit several of her friends.  We took care of a couple of appointments, I got US cash out for the trip and I have purchased our travel insurance.  We also had the motor home serviced at Bart's in Salmon Arm.  We had a nice visit with Jacquie and Jim.  They have their 2004 39' Damon Escaper for sale if anyone is interested.
Our kitchen Fantastic Fan quit working and with time so short, I just went and bought a new one exactly the same.  We spent over two hours this afternoon installing it.  I will try to get a new motor for the old one next spring so we have a spare.  We installed two of them when we bought the motor home in August 2010. This kitchen fan has had extensive use ever since.  We also had a couple of drawer latches fail and it was a bit of a shock to find those little bits of plastic were $22 each.  I guess with the coach getting older the plastic is crystallizing and we should be expecting these things to happen.
Aileen stayed overnight at Bev's and Kev's last night as they went to Kelowna helping friends move.  The three of us made out just fine.  Mitzy is still traumatized from being attacked the other day and isn't very comfortable when we meet other dogs anymore.  The attack has left her more visually impaired as well and it doesn't look like that will improve.
After looking at forecasts, we have revised our trip south plans.  We are now planning on departing the Shuswap Wednesday morning traveling to Grand Forks, crossing the border the next day.  I have put together a six day route to get us to Grande Junction which will mean no more than 250 miles per day.

Let sleeping dogs lay, they say

A large puff ball visible across the yard

Looking down to our motor home parked near the house with Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm and Mt Ida in the background.  The driveway is .6 km and this is the shorter section.

Beyond the house looking over Tappen Valley and Salmon Arm

There were lots of these, I think Dowitchers, at the wharf in Salmon Arm the other day when Mitzy and I walked out there

There were still some Western Grebes visiting Salmon Arm Bay

I spotted this rainbow effect in the McQuire Lake fountain as I was driving by on the highway so I found a spot to park and then a viewpoint 

Some fall colour at McQuire Lake

I love to see these Fall Crocus this time of year.  It is almost like having spring at the same time as fall.

When Mitzy and I walked down the driveway this morning we were greeted by this cheerful fellow

Another litter critter on our walk this morning

The leaf is beautiful but look at the Hawthorn's defense just to the left

Love the variety of fall colour