Saturday, October 15, 2016


Although the light wasn't suitable for long distance images yesterday morning, I decided to go geocaching and see what the day became.  As it turned out, it was great!   I did find 17 geocaches but mostly photography won out.  For me, photography trumps geocaching every time!  You can geocache anytime but you need good lighting for photography.  Basically, these photos were found/taken as I wandered from cache to cache.  Sometimes it took quite a while to get to the next cache.
We played Hand and Foot again last night.  Vern and Charlene joined Jim, Judy and us.  Playing guys against girls, the guys won.  We've played cards of some type every night since we arrived.  We are going to Ernie and Atha's for supper tonight.  There will be several other couples attending and we expect there will be a card game after.

I presume the light coloured bison are beefalo

I finally got out to do some geocaching and picked the Kannah Creek Valley to start

The major leaf drop had already happened in this area but I was able to find isolated pockets of colour here and there

Looking up to Grand Mesa from Lands End Road

As you can see, not many leaves left!  I was taken with the wandering yellow line.

The Shrubby Oak were particularly vibrant along the Lands End Road at about 7,000 feet elevation

Looking down the Reeder Mesa Road toward Whitewater, a small community east of  Grand Junction, CO

Views along Reeder Mesa Road

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