Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well actually, we are in Cliffton, a suburb of Grand Junction.  We are again parked at our friends, Jim and Judy's place with full hook ups.  Unbeatable!  It was 2199 kms (1374 mi) from Salmon Arm to here.  We spread that over six travel days.  It is really nice to be in 70+ sunshine.  We will be house sitting starting Monday as Jim's last sibling just passed away and they are driving to the TriCities area of Washington State for the memorial.
Since our arrival on Monday, we have been on the go and busy.  Our RV GPS died Sunday morning so I was searching for a replacement.  I did in fact purchase a new model two or three times upgraded from our old Rand McNally but when I got it home, it would not work.  It just kept cycling through the two opening panels.  I took it back.  After that, I was leary of ordering one online so in the end I bought one that is the next model newer than our old one and was in stock locally.  We had a 7715 and the new one is a 7720.  I'm happy to report that it worked perfectly right out of the box.
We've played cards all three nights so far.  Monday and Wednesday with Jim and Judy and Tuesday night Ernie and Atha joined the four of us.  Great fun!  Last night, Jim and Judy helped us learn Hand and Foot.  Playing in teams, the ladies were whipping Jim and I but in the end we managed to pull off a win.
Yesterday, Aileen went with our friends to help with a program at their church.  Afterward, eleven of us went to the Golden Corral Buffet.  As careful as Aileen was, she still had a severe reaction in the middle of the night.  That takes the fun out it!  No firm plans for the next few days so we'll see what develops.  I hope to get out to see if there is any good fall colour left to see and perhaps do some geocaching.

What you can do with a couple of big round bales in downtown Wellington, UT

I went for an after supper stroll in Wellington and spotted this collection of  antlers 

Continuing with the antler theme, the next day a hundred miles along our way on I-70, I spotted this big load of antlers heading east.

We stopped at a nice rest area that is up on a mesa beside I-70.  These last photos are all taken from it.  The turnoff to Moab is just to to our east.