Monday, October 31, 2016


Yes, we are about an hour drive from Florence and hope to get there before it warms up too much.  We ended up making a longer drive yesterday than planned as the RV park we were headed for is no longer an RV park but has converted to mostly park models.
We had a great visit to Canyon de Chelly at Chinle, AZ.  We set up in Cottonwood Campground after a two hour drive from overnighting in Bluff, UT then drove the south rim Saturday afternoon/evening.  We drove the north rim yesterday morning then hooked up and headed south by 10:30 am.  I will include a few photos from Canyon de Chelly with more to come when we get online in Caliente.  Temperature is forecast to be 87F today dropping to mid 80s the rest of the week.
We had a great time in Clifton/Grand Junction and it was hard to pry ourselves away from all the card games and friendship.

Antelope House Ruins North Rim drive Canyon de Chelly

Near Spider Rock Canyon de Chelly 
South Rim drive

800 foot tall Spider Rock, an amazing place

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