Sunday, July 5, 2015


These two nearly full moon shots were taken hand held mid evening while it was still light out

For this image, my lens was extended to the full 1200 mm equivalent with four times digital zoom.  Canon SX50 

I found this interesting subject while geocaching the other day.  It appears a cedar tree fell over but didn't die.  Instead two branches vied for dominance to take over as the tree leader.  The closest one has put down another set of roots.  If you look closely, you can see the original tree trunk poking through the tree above the roots.

Better detail of the original trunk surrounded by new growth.

Clam shell at Qualicum Bay last night

This might appear to be a deep hole but in fact it is a one dimensional subject, it is flat.

Here is another oyster shell similar to the above.  It seems every shell has that multicoloured spot that appears three dimensional.

I held this clam shell up to the horizon

A cockle shell on a cedar chunk

This is a quick grab shot in between the waves as the tide was coming in.

Qualicum Beach sunset

The last bit of the sun disappearing behind the mountain

A Chipping Sparrow beside the motor home this merning

Hardhack flower 

One of our many Bullfrogs

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