Sunday, May 24, 2015


French Creek boat harbour

Wet morning here in the garden

Ten babies in the pond behind us here in Errington

Nile Creek Falls while geocaching

Dwarf Wild Rose while out geocaching in the hills

After supper at Parksville Beach

Parksville Beach

Pretty early to be in swimming, May 17

A ghostly Alaska bound cruise ship that I shot with the Canon SX50 at the full 1200 mm on the lens and 1.22 on the digital zoom.  Plotting it on the map tells me it was at least 24 kms (15 miles) from me.  The people in the foreground were about half a mile from me.

Inside an Iris

Further inside the Iris

This Great Blue Heron was intrigued by the ball floating in the pond

After deciding it wasn't edible!

Our days keep rolling by.  We are still parked at Charlie and Sheila's and have been keeping busy with various endeavors.  Nothing too exciting for now.

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