Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Richard and Georgia stayed overnight Saturday with us.  Charlie and Sheila's old outdoor cat Dexter is very patient with Georgia allowing her to pick him up and pack him about.  

We took Richard and Georgia up to Fanny Bay to see the Sea Lions that hauled themselves out on a float 

Most of them were sound asleep

Chocolate Lilies are very shy, keeping their heads bowed 

Their beauty is more apparent when you get down underneath and look up 
A Candystick which is saprophytic herb

Pinesap which is also a saprophyte

A White Fawn Lily

This American Dipper has a nest just to the right of it and kept going in to feed its young.  It was very alert and watchful each time it came out

A Great Blue Heron against the sunset at Qualicum Beach Sunday evening

Two paddle boards socializing against the sunset at Qualicum Beach

At rest - Qualicum Beach, BC

When our friend Bev M in Penticton was cleaning out her mother's apartment, she gave us this cat bed.   Sophie just loves it!  She is still on my side of the bed however. 

Chrome Island Lighthouse

Chrome Island is off the southern tip of Denman Island and adjacent to Vancouver Island

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