Sunday, May 10, 2015


It was a very dusty ride along the gravel section of the road to Bamfield

This is what our back window looked like most of the time

As we were driving through the First Nations village at Pachena Bay, we spotted this hungry bear across the inlet

There were lots of these jellyfish on the beach at Pachena Bay

The only snail shell I saw

One of many wharves in Bamfield

Port Desire adjacent to Bamfield

Grappler Inlet which is the entrance to Port Desire

Canadian Coast Guard Station at Bamfield

Beside the coast guard

The five main universities in Western Canada jointly run this marine center 

The Coast Guard training exercises

A giant Western Red Cedar Candelabra topped tree 

Pachena Bay south of Bamfield

Aileen and Bev D at Pachena Bay

Spotted Sandpiper in breeding plumage

A little lake on our way home

We took a day Thursday and made the long drive out to Bamfield which is accessed from Port Alberni via a series of logging roads.  We picked up our friend Bev D at 9 am and it was past 9 pm when we returned.  While it was only about 300 kms round trip,it seemed like a lot more.   We had beautiful weather all day and lots of photos were taken.
We continue to keep busy and this weekend have our son and grand daughter visiting.  Richard and Georgia came yesterday and leave after lunch today to get back to Victoria to spend the rest of Mother's Day with Robin. 

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