Friday, April 10, 2015


In Salmon Arm that is.  Our daughter Bev put out a query to her friends on Facebook looking for a spot for us to park for a time while we get our taxes done and medical things looked after.  We had picked two of them but when we checked the first one this afternoon, it was obvious that it was too small for us.  The other spot took a bit of careful maneuvering but it is pretty nice.  We are on a sidehill with a magnificent lake view.  We're in the midst of million dollar properties.  We're not sure how long we will be staying in the area so if any of our local friends want to get together, please contact us.
Just to show that all is not bliss and harmony in our lifestyle, last thing last night the toilet broke!  It would appear that the linkage that tripped the drain valve to empty the pot, broke.  First thing this morning I went down to Mid Town RV in Penticton and told them my tale of woe.  The service manager was very good and told me to bring it in asap.  As soon as I got back to the motor home we packed it up and said our goodbyes to our great hosts and zipped down to the dealer.  We used their onsite dump station to drain the tanks but with the broken toilet were unable to give the black tank a good flush.
As soon as I announced the motor home was ready, technician Russ was pulled off another job and immediately started replacing our toilet.  He was a cheerful fellow and very good to work with.  We have gone back to a cheap plastic toilet since the nice china one we upgraded to just two years ago crapped (pun intended) out.  It was great service and we are very appreciative of them!
We had a nice uneventful drive up the Okanagan Valley today and were even blessed with a tailwind. We went by Bev and Kev's for our mail and Kev guided us over to the spot we are parked at.  After all the miles we put on coming north and not seeing any accidents, we were surprised to come across a collision just up the street from Bev and Kev's.  It didn't appear too serious but the little car had more damage than the big truck.

When I was riding my bike along the Trans Canada Trail yesterday geocaching above the Prairie Valley part of Summerland, BC I was very surprised to come upon this plaque detailing the link Sam McGee had to this area.   There used to be a memorial cairn for Robert Service near Duncan when I was young as he had lived in that area also.  I'm always surprised at the things I stumble on while out caching.

I don't know how many of you readers are aware of the Poet, Robert Service but he was always one of my favourite poets and I have three of his poetry books in storage.  Several of his poems such as this one were put to music by several well known artists including Hank Snow and Johnny Cash.

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