Thursday, April 9, 2015


Well, caching for me and visiting for Aileen.  I did most of my caching on my bike so finding out how out of shape I have gotten.  Lots of puffing and jelly legs for me!  Aileen, Karen and Bev went to a movie last night.  Tonight, Aileen is cooking supper for Karen and George, our hosts and Bev M and us.  We are planning to head up to Salmon Arm tomorrow.  Bev has found us a couple possible parking spots with her friends.  We'll scout them out by car when we get there.

An orchard along Trout Creek north of Penticton, BC 

Blossoms against a hotel in Summerland, BC

Cheeky Marmot

The two car garage

An old log house across Trout Creek from the trail

Same old house in colour

Momma deer in the yard this morning

Prairie Valley, adjacent to Summerland, BC

Balsam Root and Ponderosa Pine

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