Sunday, April 19, 2015


We went for a walk on the Salmon Arm wharf after supper tonight

Ringnecked Pheasant out the  Motor home window where we are parked

Mallard Drake - I know it's back here somewhere

Great Blue Heron

Up close and personal

Having a little breakfast

Western Painted Turtle

Bev and I spent several hours working on her new deck installing many those spacer blocks

Bev cut while I nailed

A couple of beavers swam under the wharf tonight

We're still working on our list here.  We saw the doctor Friday and tomorrow morning bright and early we are to be at the lab for blood work.  Unfortunately, the doctor made it a fasting one so we hope we don't have to wait too long.  We popped out and saw Jacquie and Jim yesterday and saw their new construction site.  The cement walls are all poured and the floors will start being poured this week.
Aileen house sat for Bev and Kev last night so they could have a night out.  I went to my hiking/ photo club friend Ian's last night.  I looked through his and Wendy's beautiful coffee table photo books on their trips to Viet Nam and Australia then we poured over maps comparing routes we've taken and some of the highlights that made them memorable. 

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