Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, that was our fastest trip back to BC yet!  Four days, when our swiftest previously was five days.   We overnighted in Alamo and Wells, NV and Pendleton, OR.  I think we were about 34 hours which included gas and rest stops.  Total distance to Penticton, BC where we are laying up for a few days was 2,513 kms which is 1,571 miles for you other people.  We still have another 200 kms (125 miles) to go before we are back in Salmon Arm.
We landed here just before 5 pm yesterday, just in time to partake of the Easter supper Karen had prepared.  There were already nine for supper and even with us added in, there was lots of food leftover.  It was a very tasty supper and lots of great visiting.
Our friend Bev's sister and brother in law were here from Calgary to help clean out their Mom's apartment as she has gone into care.   Mom did manage to join us for supper and enjoyed her evening out.  The sister and husband are about to buy a motor home and travel around and mostly winter in Yuma so there were lots of motor home discussions during the evening.
Aileen had a couple of visits with friend Bev and I took a road trip this afternoon to shoot some of the flowering orchards we drove past yesterday.  I also took a road up into the hills looking for wildflowers.  We'll likely lay over here for another couple of days then head up the valley to Salmon Arm to get busy with our spring chores such as income tax, medical etc.  We haven't come up with a plan for after that yet, we'll wait to see what the weather is going to give us.

Aileen's picture heading north toward Wells, NV

Aileen's picture heading north toward Wells, NV

Two years ago, we saw owls in this old steel frame for a sign.  When we walked over the night we arrived this year, there were this Mom and baby.  There was also a baby in the next level down and what I presumed was the Poppa up on top.  Next morning, there was an adult with the lower baby.

My picture taken while Aileen was driving us along I-84 toward the mountains

There are a lot of interesting volcanic leftovers near Dry Falls, WA just below Grand Coulee.  We had lunch here yesterday.  While Aileen grabbed a power nap, Mitzy and I took this.

On my drive today to the flowering orchards in BC's Okanagan Valley

And on my trip up the mountain road I spotted this Sage Buttercup

Spring Beauties

Leafy Lungwort

Balsam Root

And lastly while heading homeward, I spotted a couple of horses admiring themselves in a pond, here's one.

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