Wednesday, February 4, 2015


As we were going by Superstition Mtn on Highway 88, the Apache Trail this morning, looking almost directly into the sun made for some nice silhouettes 
We found some Flowering Grass alongside the road

Lots of interesting rock formations along the Apache Trail

Canyon Lake, one of the man made lakes along the Salt River east of Phoenix on the Apache Trail

The start of Fish Creek hill is just around the corner

The top of Fish Creek hill, that's our road down on the left

Fish Creek Canyon, can you spot the group of people by the Sycamore Tree?  Apparently they were heading to a cave.

Apache Lake, another in the Salt River chain

Looks like a nice camping spot

The neat bridge over Pine Creek along the Apache Trail

The bridge over the lake just above the Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River

We went for an enjoyable drive today covering about 280 kms. We went in the west end at Apache Junction and came back via Globe and Superior.  Great weather and few vehicles once we got past Tortilla Flats.  Part of the gravel section had lots of washboard but nearly half was freshly graded.  Over six years since our last visit to this area.

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