Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Since rain was in the forecast for the next couple of days, and I don’t like to get the motor home dirty if I can help it, we left Florence this morning and are now parked in a free camping area near Vicksburg, AZ.   We have met up with Jacquie and Jim and will spend the next while with them.    Jim and I have lots of geocaches to find in the surrounding area and the ladies have their projects to work on in the RVs.

We left the car behind in Florence and just brought the RZR with us this trip to see how we make out.   It may leave us feeling marooned but maybe not.   Once we move closer to Quartzsite after New Year’s, we’ll be able to drive the RZR to town for shopping and whatever.    We had a nice travel day but the further west we got, the darker the sky.   I climbed up on the roof and tilted the solar panels up to take advantage of what sun we can get but don’t know if we are parked at the best angle.  There was no hint as to where the sun was in the sky when we arrived.  The car would have had a compass to help us.  My GPS was buried in the back of the RZR so too much trouble to locate.  We’ll just have to wait until the sun peeks through.

I mentioned in my last post about 85 year old Blue getting a new ATV.  Well here it is!  A brand new 2015 Sportsman 570.  That's the same engine we have in our RZR side by side so I hope it isn't too much power for Blue.

There were lots of admirers and everyone was so happy for him.  Now we hope he gets to be able to enjoy it for long while.  Blue has long been an inspiration to the rest of us in the ATV club.  Not many people are able to do what he is at his age. 

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