Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas to all.

Aileen and I took the RZR for a ride in the hills behind camp one day and as you can see, it was a gorgeous day.  There are many old mines throughout the hills.  Most of the dangerous open shafts are fenced but one has to be alert for those that aren't.

Heading homeward.  As we came out of the hills, we could see a dust storm out in the open valley

It got to be a little thick

On a different evening, this was our view while we were having supper, some nice alpen glow.

Anticipating a possible outstanding sunset, I finished supper and grabbed my camera and tripod and headed over to where there were a few Saguaro Cactus.  That is an Ocotillo Cactus on the left.  This was taken in near total darkness using very high ISO setting and long shutter opening.

I took this shot yesterday afternoon about 10 miles east of camp while Jim and I were geocaching.

Our camp

Jacquie and Jim on the right

Jim and I passed this old timer while out caching one day about 6 miles west of camp

We've been here over a week so far and are enjoying the area.  There is a train track fairly close but there are only a couple trains a day so not too disruptive.  We made a shopping run over to Blythe, CA on Monday but otherwise we are staying within a few miles of home base.  The weather is mostly staying sunny but the temperature is dropping.  Our daytime highs will only be around 60F for the next week according to the forecast.  It can be downright cool at 60 here in the desert if the wind is blowing or if you are in the shade.

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