Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and got to spend some time with family and friends.  We’ve had a gorgeous day celebrating our Christmas in the desert.  Not a cloud in the sky and warm enough even with the light breeze.  The only noise is the occasional vehicle driving by on the road.  It has been dropping down to below 4C at night so lots of covers are needed.
Jim and I got out geocaching a bit on Sunday but they were all ones I’d found already.  There is a new series not too far from here that we will try next.   While out on the ATV’s the other day, Jim and I found some little sand dunes so the next afternoon Aileen and I walked in to take some photos of them.  It was so peaceful back I there as we couldn’t hear a sound other than nature.
Aileen and I bought a new stove the other day which has a larger oven.  Our old stove needed some repair and I didn’t think it was worth spending money on it when it wasn’t what Aileen wanted.   Jim came over Monday morning and we got the stove changed out.   The new stove looks good and the drawer underneath is still usable.
We did our turkey outside in the electric roaster using the Honda 2000 watt generator and it went well.  Last year was much cooler and the turkey took longer than planned.  This year I covered the cardboard shelter I used to contain the broiler with a cotton sheet and the turkey was ready in 3.5 hours.  The cooking was shared between our motor home and Jordan’s then we ate over at their place.  We had a great meal, of course, with lots of leftovers.

The old stove still in place

The new stove installed, note the drawer front is much smaller

A tarantula with a gallon jar lid for scale

I noticed the tarantula under the motor home one afternoon then he came out into the sun

Late afternoon at the little dunes

Our current parking spot, us on the left, Jordan's on the right

Turkey is done!

My roaster shelter

John (me) Aileen, Jacquie and Jim ready for Christmas dinner

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