Saturday, August 10, 2013


We left the Shuswap this morning and have made it to Lac La Hache this afternoon.  Since it is a very warm afternoon, we are at Big Country Campground so we can run the air conditioner.  Tomorrow we plan to head up to Barkerville.  Jacquie and Jim will meet us there on Monday.  Jim has a new mining claim he wants to explore.  It is in an area that has had a lot of gold taken out in the past so maybe there’s still some left for us to find.
We are hoping to wander our way to northern Alberta after we leave Barkerville.  No timeline for that yet.  We’ll see how things go in Barkerville and then along our way after that.  As a broad (very loose!) plan, later we’ll spend some time in the Rockies then the Kootenays of BC.  We hope to head south across the border along about mid October.

Jim and I went geocaching both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons finding about 40 caches.  Thursday saw us going over the mountains from Shuswap Lake to White Lake on less than ideal old logging roads that were getting overgrown and washed out.  We’re planning to find a few caches in the Barkerville area next week.  There aren’t many and they are fairly far apart.  We may not have much for internet for the next few days.  We'll have to wait and see what there is.

Looking down to Sicamous known as the house boat capital of Canada.  The Canadian Pacific Railway mainline follows the shore on the right and the Trans Canada Highway is that slash in the trees partway up the hillside.

A few miles north of the last picture, we found this view looking further up Shuswap Lake.  All those white dots are large house boats.

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