Monday, August 19, 2013


We've stopped in Chetwynd to get online for a few minutes before heading to Moberly Lake Provincial Park for tonight.  Our plan is head to my Cousin Judith's in Donnelly, AB tomorrow.  Perhaps we'll have more regular internet while we're there.  Note: Kinuseo Falls are 65 kms south of Tumbler Ridge, BC which is in the north east section of the province.

A wasp nest along a trail

Azouzetta Lake along Hwy 97 in Pine Pass

The Murray River approaching Kinuseo Falls 

The top of the falls

Kinuseo Falls 60 m (197 feet)  It was nearly an hour and a half of very washboard gravel road to reach the falls and it rained like crazy the whole time we were there.

Looking downstream shows a bit of the lousy weather

Next was a walk in to Barbour Falls, again in the rain which finally quit just as we got back to the car

Just a walking in the rain, getting kinda wet

Lots of interesting fungi along the trails

No rain going up to Nesbitt's Knee Falls

Lots of coal mining activity in the area

Qwillim Lake Provincial Park where we spent the past two nights

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  1. It may have been wet but the falls and river are just beautiful! Glad you made the trip:)

    Not exactly sure where you are...maybe add that at the top:)