Friday, August 16, 2013


We met Jacquie and Jim at the Lowhee campsite between Wells and Barkerville and spent four days with them exploring the area, geocaching and a bit of gold panning.  Three of the evenings were games nights.  It is amazing how many more hours there are in a day when there is no internet or cell service!
We are currently sitting in a parking lot in Prince George having resupplied the larder.  Next is to find some gas then head north to find a campsite for tonight.  We are heading for the little town of Donnelly, AB to visit my cousin Judith and Doug for a few days.

Wells visitor's center down the muddy channel

Old Timer along the road

City Hall on the left and the community center

Old log house on a Wells back street

We had a couple of dandy thunder storms.  The ground was awash with rain drops bouncing high

We picked lots of wild blueberries

Lots of interesting colours in the local housing

Certainly would be cheerful through the long winter

A different wild huckleberry

Jacquie in an old miner's cabin

One of hundreds of little lakes

This was aptly named Toilet Campsite - there was a newer one hiding in the trees