Friday, January 18, 2013


I went to a geocaching meet and greet yesterday which had a large turnout.   It was fun meeting some of the people who have been placing the caches or have found them before me.  We were told of a four day geocaching rally happening from January 27-31 which I hope to attend as much as possible.  It is free and there are several seminars happening as well as fun things. 
I went mountain climbing to get one cache today.  It was steep climbing with lots of loose rock.  There was a good breeze and the temperature was mild so I didn’t get overheated, but my shirt was sure wet under my pack.   It was neat to sit on top of the world eating my lunch.
I went after a few more later on, with mixed results.  On one that was at the end of a pretty bad road, I didn’t find the cache but I sure found lots of cholla cactus.  I grabbed hold of some several times and my shoes were plastered with it.  I spent quite a while with a pair of pliers removing the prickles after I got home. 
More RVs pulled in today so it is getting quite crowded right here but I think in general there are a lot less RVs camped in the area.   More of these people could use some solar power as there are a lot of generators running right now.  Our group of four grew by another three today so we’re a fairly solid block of RF estate now.

This is where I started walking heading for Granite Peak which is just right of center 

I found the cache

Looking back down to my ATV which I have circled with a blurred border

Looking down to Quartzsite from Granite Mtn.  That little bump in the middle is Q Mtn which seems high from the ATV area.  Our motor home is right over Q Mtn

Here's a zoomed in shot and I have circled our group with the blurred line.  If you click on the image to enlarge it, you should see our car on the right facing this way with the black and gray motor home to the left
It was nice to see some Brittlebush in bloom and a bee  working

Way up a really rough road I was surprised to see this set up.  I guess it must be a miner's accommodation although I didn't see any sleeping arrangements.  There was a fire burning in the barrel though, as you can see the smoke.

Aptly named road as you'll see in later pictures

The view down the LaPaz Valley south of Quartzsite from the end of the road

The reason for the road

The next three shots are of the O S Run road

When I drove by where I started my climb this morning, I noticed the afternoon light was a lot warmer

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  1. I love Geocaching and we do it every change we have, also we have one cache in front of our house (in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) and it's quite visited.