Monday, November 12, 2012


As forecast, the weather did make a big change from the high temperatures we were experiencing.  Yesterday morning was only a few degrees above freezing and with the wind, was downright chilly.  Our highs the past couple of days were in the lower 60’sF even when it was sunny.
I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday out geocaching along the Florence Kelvin Highway, mostly on my bike.  Aileen came along Saturday morning and moved the car along.  At one point, when I was out of sight of the road, some kind of cop came along and asked her what she was doing.  He left her alone after she explained what I was up to.
I rode my bike from where I parked the car then made my way back later.  Both days I had to ride against some nasty wind to get back.  Good thing it was slightly downhill.  I found 44 caches on Saturday and 55 more yesterday in about four hours.  I pedaled my bike in excess of 20 kms yesterday so it is a good way to get some exercise. I sure fell asleep in a hurry last night too!  The wind was blowing too strong today to take the bike out so I did other things.
I started washing the motor home again as we had a dust storm followed by some rain the other day which messed up my cleaning job.  I also made a visit to our little library to restock our reading supply.  I even did some reading for a change.  Our neighbour, Daryl, made a tandem jump out of a plane today to celebrate his 80th birthday.  That is something I could never do!
We had friends Ken and Marie over for supper again last night as it was her birthday today and we were planning on attending the ATV club potluck tonight.  There was a huge turnout to the potluck tonight will a large selection of dishes to choose from.   Aileen said she won’t have any sympathy for me if I’m up in the night with a tummy ache!  Aileen took a big dish of gluten free scalloped potatoes and one of the other ladies remembered her allergy and made a gluten free quinoa salad that was very tasty.  The ATV group are all very friendly so we enjoy the get togethers.
The photos in this post were all taken with an old 6 meg Kodak point and shoot.  I keep it in my pack because it is so much lighter than my other cameras but it is not nearly as good for close up shots.

This was over near Quartzsite a couple weeks ago.  There was a geocache up between the two arches so I had to make the climb.  I was actually up there four years ago but didn't know anything about the sport at the time

Can you see my car down in the center of the picture?

Looking through one of the arches

This was a little different geocache I found on Saturday.  It is a 9mm pistol casing with the log tightly rolled up inside and

This is how it was hidden in a fence post.  Click on the image to enlarge

I ate my lunch yesterday while enjoying the view of this crested cactus

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