Sunday, September 25, 2011


We went for a drive late this afternoon up to Cripple Creek then out to Florissant passing the restored  Hornbek homestead.  We saw a large number of deer mostly in groups.   We also spotted a herd of about fifty elk.  After being a very warm morning and afternoon, the clouds rolled in and we even had a few spatters on the windshield.  As we were passing the Woodland Park hospital on the highway, there had been a motorcycle/Jeep collision.  The bike didn't look damaged but was flopped on its side in the middle of the four lane.  I wonder how the rider(s) made out since hardly any riders wear helmets in Colorado.  We had a baked potato for a late supper when we got home.

A bit of a teaser for fall colour

Cripple Creek, CO main street

A twice widowed mother of four, Adeline Hornbek, had this house built in 1878


  1. I love the fall colors. Beautiful pictures! I've always been fascinated by little cabins like these. Did you get to look inside? One of my favorites is the Johnny Sack cabin in Island Park, Idaho. It was built on a mountainside right above a river. He made most everything in the cabin by hand. The kids were so interested to walk through it with us and imagine a life very different from their own.

  2. Why haven't we spend more time in Colorado? God willing and the crick don't rise, we will get there sometime in the time we have left on this earth -- IF we humans let this earth live long enough! Your pictures are inspiring, and drawing us to Colorado.

  3. Great pictures, we really enjoyed our time there:)

  4. Nice pictures. So cool to see the the leaves changing colors. The second picture looks so peaceful.

    Thank you for sharing. :)