Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today's mystery image.  What do you think? Rather feminine lines?  Answer below.

We moved back into the motor home last night and at least three of the team are very happy with that.  We’re not sure of the most important member’s opinion.   Mitzy and I enjoyed finding lots of new hiking trails while in town where we could go different directions all the time.  Out here at White Lake we can only go left or right from the driveway. 
When I took Mitzy for her walk this morning, I spotted three snails clustered on a little fir tree so I went back later with my camera and macro lens on a tripod.  Along the way I stumbled across some flowers with bees and butterflies feeding voraciously.  I managed a few decent shots of the one butterfly.
Our days are getting busy now.  I will go help the camera club set up the photography competition display at the Salmon Arm Fair tonight.  Tomorrow night we will mount the exhibition (hang the prints) and on Friday I will do guard duty from noon til 4 pm.  Then we are meeting friends Bev and Carole at Herald Park for supper at 5.  On Saturday, daughter Bev and I will drive to Hope, BC for my cousin’s celebration of life.  He was 41, just slightly older than our son. 



I was going down Bev's and Kev's stairway the other day and saw this on the red wall above the stairs.  I'm facing west but the sun was hitting a picture or something behind me and reflecting back through the railing onto the wall.  So now you know!