Monday, July 25, 2011

 Limestone and iron bearing rock blended together.  This is in the bottom of a quarry

A black bear surveying his domain

 A mother grouse.  All three grouse we saw only had one chick each.  The wet weather is deadly on the  chicks.

 This hopper was used to load the ore into cable cars to be transported down the mountain

 The ore was dropped into this tunnel through the bottom of the quarry and hauled out to the hopper

 The exit of the tunnel

 The dark green trees in the reforested valley bottom are spruce.  The other lighter shades are Douglas Fir.  You can see the old roads and creeks outlined with alder trees.

 The roads grow in quickly when not in use

 A valley stream

 There are still a few big old spruce trees left in the valley.  My Port McNeill brother in law John gives scale to the giant tree. 
Alders growing along the road side

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