Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I set my alarm for six am this morning so I could go with my brother Chas to his jobsite to check on his employees and contractors.  When that was completed, we went to Rosewall Creek and hiked up the trail to the falls.  It was a great morning for a walk with pleasant temperature and no bugs.  It was very lush and green along the creek which has very clear water and not a lot of debris.  We took Chas’ dog Belle who enjoyed several swims in the fast flowing water.  She’s a strong swimmer and allowed herself to be almost swept into the rapids before just swimming back to shore.
We took one of Chas’ former customers with us to lunch at Deep Bay Marina.  After lunch we stopped in Bowser to get a tire repaired.  It had picked up a screw at one of the worksites or somewhere.     

 Chas walked across the creek on this log

 This is an interesting story.  If you look closely you will see roots way up the trunks of these trees.  It would appear that many years ago, a landslide over ran the trees covering them for about ten feet.  The limbs then turned into roots.  Sometime at a later date, a  flood washed the gravel away exposing the limbs/roots again.

 Chas and Belle

 This is a waterfall that you can't get a full shot of as it is just too dangerous to try getting out in front of it

 Belle checking to see how close the rapids are.  Right after this she came back to shore.

The butterfly was in one of Chas's customers garden

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  1. That's a great shot of Chas & Belle on the rock! Looks beautiful & peaceful up there. Can't say I'm familiar with that spot but sure like to go someday.