Tuesday, March 15, 2011


These images are from when we were camped at Country Maples along the Chemainus River last week. The bottom tree is a Western Red Cedar.

I think we’ve had rain for about 80% of the daylight hours since returning to Vancouver Island nine days ago.  It is difficult to accomplish anything without getting wet and cold.  Yes, I am whining!  However, it is variety that makes comparisons good in just abut anything, isn't it?  The pets and I survived our three nights of Mom being away.  Aileen said she really enjoyed her weekend in Vancouver and the workshop was fabulous.  Over 2,900 attendees made for a sold out Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Aileen said if she knew just how many people would be attending, she wouldn’t have gone.  Attendees came from all over North America and she said the roster of speakers was great.

Rosewell Maples,notice the highlight around the mossy limbs caused by a weak sun filtering through the trees (I was shooting toward the sun) and actual sunshine in the bottom image.  It lasted only a short time.

Mitzy and I went to Courtenay on Saturday.  During a lull in the rain we went for a stroll at Rosewell Creek to take pictures of some maple trees coated in moss. We stopped and visited my Aunt Isabelle in Comox who is 85 and still living on her own.  She enjoyed looking at some of pictures on my laptop.
Mitzy and I picked Aileen up at the bus depot in Nanaimo just after ten Monday morning.  Mitzy was pretty happy to see her Mom.  I hadn’t warned her what was coming so it was kind of funny.
I’ve been reading about all my blog friends who are still down south and the great weather they are experiencing.  We need to change our schedule to be able to stay later but I don’t like to miss the opportunity the PSA photo conferences offer as far as visiting new and interesting country.  They are just too early to allow us to attend then continue south without having to return to Canada by early March. 
I have been designing a brochure for giving out at Dad’s celebration.  I think my brother Sam will be contributing the text.  We have a family meeting tonight to work out some of the details for the event.  I had gone in to visit my Mom on Friday and was very distressed at the downward changes since I last saw her in September.  I couldn’t believe I walked past her without recognizing her!  Maybe she was having a bad day but there was no acknowledgment of my presence and she showed no interest in Mitzy either.  So sad.  As I’ve said before “if we’re lucky, we live so long – on the other hand, if we’re unlucky, we live so long”!
I’d like to thank Jerry and Suzy who often take the time to comment on my blog from their sanctuary down in Benson, AZ.  Perhaps next winter we can make it down to that part of Arizona and explore around. 

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