Friday, March 11, 2011


Leaving Port Angeles

We were on the road at 6:30 am Sunday heading for the Port Angeles to Victoria ferry.  We only had to wait ten minutes for them to open the gate then the Visa card took a $255 hit.  The ferry was nearly empty, somewhere between 20 and 30 vehicles I think.  There was no rain and even some sun on the crossing.  We had two very pleasant Canadian border guards but that didn’t stop them from emptying my pockets for a bunch of loot as we had to pay 12% HST (tax) on most of our motorhome modifications.  Welcome home!  I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t have declared the work but that can backfire on you.

 Arriving in Victoria

Float houses and harbour ferry

We got together with Richard, Robin and Georgia for a few hours.  In fact, they took us to the 5th St Grill for lunch – thanks guys.  We’d parked the motorhome at the university and they drove us into town.  Later we all went for a walk around at the university then visited again in the motorhome before it was time for us to depart for points north.  

Our grand daughter Georgia

Mitzy washing Georgia's fingers

What? Me?

We stopped at a market near Duncan for veggies and fruit then carried on to Country Maples RV Resort at Chemainus where we stayed for four nights.  We got three nights free for listening to their Holiday Trails promotion.  We were both pretty tired so had some early nights and laid low for a day or two.
We enjoyed our time at Country Maples and especially the peaceful atmosphere.  We wouldn’t want to be there in the summer as it is a very busy park with lots of family activities including mini golf and an arcade.  We utilized their excellent laundry and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle in their beautiful clubhouse.  One night Aileen’s sister Anne and John called from Nanaimo asking if we wanted to get together for supper.  Since we had a roast in the crockpot and hadn’t started veggies yet, they came to the campsite.  We had a great visit and supper.  The next night my cousin Garry and Barb joined us for another crockpot roast supper including lemon pie from the lemons Aileen juiced in Caliente.
We left the campground yesterday having to do most of my dumping, packing up and filling the water tank in the heavy rain.  We need to find the valve which will allow us to fill from the city water connection.  I searched all over and couldn’t find it.  We stopped at the dealer south of Nanaimo and the rep there looked all over and couldn’t find it either.  We’ll have to contact the lady we bought from as she had mentioned to Aileen that was how she filled the tank.  The filler hose is almost level with the filler spout so it is hard to get the water to flow into the tank.  I’d have to raise the right side of the coach to make it work.   We are parked at my brother Charlie and Sheila’s in Errington, probably until after Dad’s celebration April 9 after which we will depart for Salmon Arm to get our income taxes completed.
Aileen went to Vancouver this morning to attend a two day personal growth workshop.  Our daughter Bev was coming down from Salmon Arm today to join Aileen at the workshop.  I think they will enjoy their weekend.  From the rocky start in earlier times when they were both younger, they have become best friends.
Mitzy and I went for a walk around Englishman River Falls Park this afternoon in between rain showers.  We’ve had some pretty heavy rain at times.  The fields are flooded well around here and we have ducks not far from the motor home.  I continue to be impressed with the improved handling of the motor home.  It is so much easier to maintain control and allows for more relaxed driving.

Top of Englisman River Falls

Englisnman River Gorge

The ferns have taken over this old log

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  1. Welcome back to BC! Liked the Englishman River area. We'll have to look that one up when we come to BC some year in the future.