Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Back to some serious evergreen trees, Douglas Firs

 A little community somewhere in Oregon along I-5

 An old dam and an old bridge along I-5 in Oregon
It's great having the motor home drive much better.  Aileen will drive more when she's up to it and I can sit in the passenger seat and snooze or take pictures like these.  It is a lot more challenging shooting out of the window though as the side windows have serious reflections and the trees and shrubs in the foreground have a habit of showing up at the wrong time.

Something we're going to have to get used to again - lots of rain!

We left Grants Pass Friday about 9:30 and stopped for the night in Woodburn, OR.  We had some heavy rain in the later afternoon and evening after we were parked.  We were on the road at 8:02 this morning, almost a record for us these days.  We are in Sequim, Washington tonight.  We tried to get an RV site in Port Angeles and the one close to town had no attendant around and there was no way I could get the motor home level.  I blocked up the front wheels and put blocks under the front jacks and still wasn’t level when I ran out of jack travel.  By then the bottom step was at least 18 inches off the ground!  We finally gave it up and drove back to Sequim which will make for a longer drive to the ferry in the early morning but it is a really nice park.  To top it off the one in town was $30 with no WiFi.  This park has great internet and is $27, go figure!  We have to be at the ferry no later than 7:20 tomorrow morning so we will set the alarm for 6, walk Mitzy and get the car ready to tow.  We’ll have breakfast while we wait in line.  By 10 am we should be back on Canadian soil and we’ll get to visit with Richard, Robin and Georgia by lunch time, maybe.